What Happens When You Receive a Florida Toll Violation

Florida is one of the many states in America that relies heavily on toll roads to ease the burden of day to day traffic. Most of you know that means you have to pay a fee to exit, enter, or drive on certain freeways, but do you know what to do if you drive past a toll road without paying?

If you drive through a toll without paying for whatever reason (you forgot, you weren't paying attention, you didn't have cash on you, you couldn't get over safely), here's what will happen.

You'll be mailed a bill

First, the owner of the offending vehicle will receive an unpaid toll document sent to the address provided by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). You will have to pay a fee by the date listed on this document or the following actions may occur:

Collection Agency Assignment

You will be issued a second document, which you must pay for, as well as being charged an additional $2.50 fee. Failure to pay this will result in more fees and gives the DHSMV authority to place a Registration Hold on your license's plate. It may also result in Uniform Traffic Citation, a notice which must be paid to the issuing company.

Registration Stop

This occurs when a car has many unpaid tolls. It prevents the person registered to the car from renewing his or her driver's license or license plate. You must pay the toll fees to have the Registration Stop removed. Once the fees are paid, it may take 24 to 48 hours to remove the Registration Stop.

Toll Violation Payment

Florida offers its residents many toll programs that allow drivers to place a device in their car that pays for the toll. Therefore, many toll highways have lanes dedicated to drivers which such a device (commonly called an e-pass or sun pass). If you find yourself headed towards such a designated lane without a device, there is no need to recklessly drive into a cash-paying lane. If you can get over, do. If you can't, do not panic, back up, or stop in the middle of the freeway. Instead, you will receive a bill in the mail that will not affect your driving record. You can pay for a toll violation here.

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