Florida Traffic Ticket Myths

No one wants to get a ticket, but it can be especially detrimental to a driver's record. While you should always obey traffic law, if you ever find yourself getting pulled over, know these common traffic ticket myths and the truth behind them.

Signing the traffic ticket is an admission of guilt

This is not true. Signing the traffic ticket simply shows that you received the ticket. If an officer asks you to sign the ticket, do so. Signing will not harm or help you in any way.

Ticket is dismissed if police officer doesn't show up to court

It is worth nothing that many police officers receive overtime pay for going to court, and that going to court is part of their job. While tickets can be dismissed if the police officer does not appear in court, it is not a guarantee, nor do you know if the police officer will show up or not. If you decide to contest your ticket, do not create a defense around hoping the officer will not show up.

"Radar malfunction" is a valid defense

Not true. Unless you can prove the police's radar detector was malfunction, which is difficult to say the least, this defense will not hold up in a court of law.

Clerical errors on a ticket can get it thrown out

Clerical errors on a ticket are also not a valid reason to have a ticket dismissed.

Traffic tickets don't transfer to other states

You can't escape a ticket by travelling across state borders. Either way you have to pay the fine, go to traffic school and/or go to court.

Matching traffic flow is a valid excuse for speeding.

Nope. Sadly, even if you feel compelled to speed because of the pace of those driving around you (or are passing you like you're standing still) this is not a legally valid reason for speeding and will not hold up in a court of law.

Police officers give out more tickets at the end of the month to reach their quota

This is also a myth. Most police officers do not have quotas (and some cities ban the use of them), but those who may, have pityingly low ones. No matter what time of the month it is, you risk getting a ticket if you break the law.

Your ticket is dismissed if you pay a little extra for it

Again, not true. No underhanded money dealing is going to save you from having points added to your license, though a defensive driving class might if you are able to elect that option.

Flashing your headlight to warn other drivers is illegal

It's not! You have every legal right to flash your lights and warn drivers of speed traps. A police officer cannot write you a ticket for that.

4-Hour Traffic School (BDI/TCAC)

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